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Shareholder/Investor Communications and Feedback

The Corporation has in place procedures to effectively communicate with its stakeholders, including its shareholders, employees and the general public. The fundamental objective of these procedures is to ensure an open, accessible and timely exchange of information with shareholders, employees and other stakeholders concerning the business, affairs and performance of the Corporation. This includes quarterly conference calls with industry analysts, investors and media representatives in conjunction with the release of the Corporation's financial results, as well as regular presentations to or meetings with industry analysts and with institutional shareholders. Through the Corporation's website, shareholders and other stakeholders may access webcasts of these conference calls and most of the presentations made by the Corporation to the investment community. In addition, the Corporation has in place procedures to ensure that inquiries or other communications from shareholders are answered by an appropriate person in the Corporation.

You may contact the Board or Centerra's independent directors as a group by writing to them c/o Michael S. Parrett, Chair of the Board of Directors, Centerra Gold Inc., 1 University Avenue, Suite 1500, Toronto, Ontario, M5J 2P1.

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