Our Strategy is to be a gold and precious metals miner focused on quality assets as defined by low cost, long life and sustainable robust margins and returns.

Centerra will create Sustainable Value and Growth through

  1. Attracting diverse skilled talent, investing in our people through continuous learning and development programs, and creating a safe, fair, respectful, and inclusive culture.
  2. Continuous improvements at our existing operations, encouraging innovation in everything we do.
  3. Evaluating our development properties with a view to build and diversify on our existing operational platform or divest depending on financial returns and strategic alignment.
  4. Exploration efforts at existing operations (Brownfields) and appropriate risk-reward based Greenfields exploration efforts with a bias to areas and operations where we are seen to have some form of competitive advantage.
  5. Merger & Acquisition opportunities, focusing in areas and opportunities where we have demonstrated expertise or unique attributes