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A key consideration in the planning for the mine is ensuring that Mount Milligan is a valued partner in the communities in which we operate and in which our employees, contractors and suppliers live. The practice of working with our partners is one avenue Centerra Gold uses to demonstrate our commitment to community enhancement. It is also a way for the company to play a constructive role in supporting the efforts of individuals and organizations committed to building a strong, sustainable region. This philosophy complements and extends the larger contribution to sustainability made by the company's successful business activities.


The Mount Milligan project team is working together with communities, First Nations and stakeholders to create sustainable economic, social and environmental benefits during and beyond the life of the mine. Our goal is to support and leverage the development of local communities' capacity for a better future, and ensure our shareholders and general public remain informed and confident of our business practices.

The practice of working with our partners to invest in local organizations and institutions is one avenue Centerra Gold uses to demonstrate its commitment to community enhancement. It is also a way for the company to play a constructive role in supporting the efforts of individuals and organizations committed to building a better society. This philosophy complements and extends the far larger contribution to community sustainability made through the company's successful business activities. Download our community investment guidelines and application form here.

We are committed to building durable relationships with local First Nations and with local communities to help them plan and develop policies, programs and projects that will contribute to their long-term social, economic and environmental sustainability.

Community Sustainability Committee

Established in May 2008, the Mount Milligan Community Sustainability Committee (CSC) is an advisory group composed of representatives of area municipalities, regional districts, First Nations, educational institutions and economic development organizations. We chose the name of this committee to emphasize its role in advising on sustainability performance. The CSC is a vehicle for sharing information about the project with key opinion leaders, who in turn share this information with their constituencies. The Committee also serves as a forum for communities of interest to raise questions and concerns for the consideration of the mine management.

The CSC meets quarterly. Minutes of the recent meetings are posted below.

As a responsible mining company, our operations boost the economies, living standards, business and employment opportunities in the communities that welcome us into their midst. We strive to ensure our operations are respected as a vital part of local communities, not seen as apart from them. Our goal is to be a valued partner in our communities, by having a lasting, positive impact on them – economically, socially and culturally. The building blocks are engagement, stakeholder forums and mutual benefits, as demonstrated by our good relations with the First Nations. The results are lasting, whether it be through training, hiring, and purchasing to strengthen the local economy, or charitable contributions to promote the cultural, health, education and social welfare goals of the region.

Whether it be through employee volunteers, charitable donations, scholarships or information sessions, it is essential to be not only a good neighbor, but an integral participant in the community, as reflected in the Mount Milligan Community Policy. As well, building respectful, mutually beneficial relations with First Nations groups has been essential at our Mount Milligan operation, as exemplified by the site's First Nations Policy.

Legacy Program

The Mount Milligan Legacy Program was developed in 2015 to enhance the well-being of residents in our local communities of Fort St. James, Nak’azdli Whut’en, Vanderhoof, Prince George, Mackenzie and the McLeod Lake Indian Band, and to maximize the positive social and economic contributions of the mine.

The Program consists of the following components:

Purchase of local goods and services

Mount Milligan makes an on-going effort to acquire goods and services from local businesses wherever possible. We also work with our local communities and businesses to assist their efforts to qualify as competitive providers of goods and services to the mine.

Training for local employment

We work with our local communities to identify positions at the mine and mill for which training can be provided directly by us and indirectly through educational and technical institutions such as the College of New Caledonia or manufacturer or distributor representatives. Mount Milligan also supports apprenticeship training in a number of trades positions related to our needs.

Educational Scholarships

Beginning in 2016, Mount Milligan is providing financial support to students graduating from our local high schools who are interested in pursuing post-secondary education relating to the natural resources sector.

Community Project Fund

The Community Project Fund will support not-for-profit, community-based initiatives that build capacity within our local communities.

The Fund is directed by the mine’s Community Sustainability Committee (CSC), a group comprised of community members from our region, and is focused on supporting initiatives that will enhance community well-being, education and training, health, environment and/or literacy.

Eligible organizations can apply for funding by completing the application at the link below. It is recommended that all interested organizations first read the Criteria for Funding Requests that have been established by the CSC.

Criteria for Funding Request – MTM Community Project Fund

Application Form – MTM Community Project Fund

Application Form – Appendix B: Project Budget

For more information about Mount Milligan’s community investments, please contact:

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