Corporate Responsibility

At Centerra, integrity and ethics are the foundation for everything we do. As a team, we are results-focused, execute with excellence and strive for continuous improvement without compromising safety or the environment. We are entrepreneurial and flexible. As an international company, we respect the different needs and values of people and their cultures and operate with transparency to ensure stakeholder confidence.

  • Meeting our targets ensuring we run safe, efficient, cost-effective mines and projects
  • Maximizing the value of our existing assets and properties
  • Striving to lead our peer group in the areas of shareholder value, business ethics, workplace safety, environmental protection, community development, transparency and governance.
  • Minimizing the potential for harmful impacts from our operations to the lowest levels we reasonably can
  • Improving our engagement with stakeholders to better respond to their needs and concerns

We believe our commitment to these principles will continue to make us an employer and business partner of choice everywhere we work.

Corporate Headquarters

1 University Avenue, Suite 1500
Toronto, ON
M5J 2P1

Tel: +1 (416) 204-1953

Fax: +1 (416) 204-1954





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