Centerra is committed to environmental stewardship across its operations.

Our highly trained environment teams use ISO 14001-aligned environmental management systems to ensure that our sites meet or surpass regulatory requirements at each stage of the mining life cycle, including development, operation, reclamation and closure.

Each site EMS has been designed to provide scheduled monitoring, engineering controls, and reporting on areas including water, waste and hazardous materials, biodiversity, air quality, tailings management, and land rehabilitation / restoration.

Centerra works to reduce its impact on the environment through proactive collaboration with key stakeholders, local and indigenous communities, and regulatory bodies. Each site has established key performance indicators that allow it to measure and track performance and identify areas for improvement.

Centerra’s commitment to tailings safety

Centerra’s Tailings Storage Facilities (TSFs) are actively managed to maintain structural performance and ensure employee, environmental and public health and safety. Centerra’s TSFs have been designed by professional engineers and are constructed, operated and monitored under the guidance of an external Engineer of Record (EoR).

In addition, Centerra has developed a 5-step risk mitigation process that is diligently applied and monitored at each site. These systems and procedures are part of Centerra’s proactive approach to TSF management.

To learn more, please find below the company’s response to the Church of England Pensions Board request for information.