Centerra owns 100% of the Gatsuurt exploration property, located 35 kilometres from the Boroo mine. It is connected to the Boroo mine site by a 55 kilometre road which was completed in 2010. The Gatsuurt site preparation is complete, awaiting approval to commence mining.

In April 2005, following extensive regional exploration programs in both the Boroo and Gatsuurt districts, Centerra announced the addition of 387,000 ounces of indicated resources at the Gatsuurt deposit. This raised estimates at the deposit to 11.3 million tonnes of ore for a total of 1,227,000 ounces of contained gold.

New resource estimates were announced in January 2006 following further exploration programs and the completion of a feasibility study in December 2005. An updated feasibility study was completed for the Gatsuurt project in the first quarter of 2006 that added an economic open pit in the Main Zone in addition to the Central Zone open pit identified in the December study.

At December 31 2007, probable reserves at Gatsuurt for the Central and Main Zones combined were estimated at 1 million ounces of contained gold, measured and indicated resources were estimated at 607,000 ounces of contained gold and inferred resources were estimated at 256,000 ounces of contained gold. At December, 2010, probable reserves grew to 1.5 million contained ounces of gold, measured and indicated resources were 426,000 ounces of contained gold and inferred resources 491,000 ounces contained gold.

Oxide and refractory ore from the Gatsuurt deposit will be processed at the Boroo facility. A bio-oxidation circuit will be constructed at the Boroo facility to process the refractory ore from Gatsuurt on receipt of final approvals and regulatory commissioning.

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